BM 60 S

Bozdag mobile concrete batching plants are easy to mount via module system. These plants are being installed in a 2-3 daytime by bolting method without welding. Since all components excluding electric motors, gearbox and electronic parts are produced in our production facilities, it is possible to manufacture the different types of concrete batching plants based on every site location and environment.

Technical Specifications

Type BM 60 S
Plant Capacity (m³/hour) 60m³/h
Mixer Type PLANET
Mixer Capacity 1 m³
Dry Capacity 1500 lt.
Compressed Concrete 1000 lt.
Mixing Motor Power 45 kw
Aggregate Bunker Compartments 4 units
Aggregate Bunker Capacity 4x10=40m³
Aggregate Collecting Hopper 2500 kg
Cement Weighing Hopper 500 kg
Water Weighing Hopper 300 kg
Additive Weighing Hopper 50 kg
Cement Silo Capacity 75-100 ton
Total Motor Power 100-120kw


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