Special Applications

Special applications for Bozdag concrete plant can be divided into two main groups

  • Concrete Plants Designed to Produce Precast Concrete Elements
  • Age-Dry By-pass system Concrete Batching Plant

Age-Dry By-pass system

There is a dry mixture by-pass line in dry wet type concrete batching plant in addition to wet concrete system. Dry mixture can be directly filled into transmixer by-passed by a valve without entering into the aggregate mixer when desired. The cement is discharged directly into the transmixer such as aggregate by by-passed with a discharger (non-return) flap through a short screw conveyor after being weighted. Wet concrete is discharged into the mixer of the batching plant in order to be mixed with aggregate and water by deactivating
the  by-pass  line  when  desired.  The  amount  of  water  is  determined  by  weighing  in  wet  concrete production. For dry concrete mixture, the amount of water is measured by liter with counter and the water is discharged into the transmixer and dry mixture is converted into wet mixture shortly before the cement reaches the delivery place in order to prevent the quick setting (hardening) of concrete especially in hot weathers

Designed to Produce Precast Concrete Elements

These  concrete  plants  are usually used in applications of producing curbstones, paving stones, tiles, keystones, corner stones, concrete pipes. These concrete plants where planetary mixers are generally used have two mixers including one in order to be used for thin materials in accordance with the needs. Usually one of two  mixers  is  chosen  to  be  small  because  of  the  reason  that  the  consumption  is  less  when  both two mixers are used and a better mixture can be produced for thin materials. Planetary mixers are preferred for precast works because of being more appropriate to concrete with low-slump value close to dry mixture. Powder and liquid coloring agents are used in accordance with the needs.