Planet Type Mixers

Besides being used in the production of ready-mixed concrete, planetary mixers are specially used in projects aimed at special concrete production more. Planetary mixers have superior performance in concrete production with special consistency (for those with lower water or humidity rate) for longer periods. They are more preferred for the applications with long periods such as manufacturing of paving stones and concrete blocks.

The mixing process in the concrete tank is made through both mixing arms and blades rotating around the axis of themselves and the axis of mixing drum and side-sweeping paddles (scrapers) rotating around the axis of the mixer by sweeping side walls thoroughly. Maintenance and repair works can be done easily thanks to that the location of electric motor and stepping gear box (reducer) is above of the mixer.

It is possible to prefer one or two discharge covers in accordance with needs in order to discharge
the concrete in the mixer. It is also possible to feed two separate paving systems
by double-discharge cover.

General Specifications

  • Mixer Arms: Wear-resistant steel castings
  • Mixer Blades and Scrapers: Special Ni-hard casting
  • Mixer blades, scrapers and arms on the shafts: Bolted and easily replaceable
  • Mixer discharge cover: With hydraulic actuators. Electricity cut off in the community in case of emergency, to free up the concrete and hand pump (It is possible to prefer 1 or if needed 2 discharge covers)
  • Maintanence door safety switch available
  • Easy to maintanence and repair works thanks to that the location of electric motor and stepping gearbox is above the mixer

Technical Specifications

Type BP 750-500
BP 1500-1000
Dry Capacity 750 lt 1500 lt
Compressed Concrete 500 lt 1000 lt
Mixing Motor Power 18.5 kw 45 kw
Hydraulic Unit  Power 1.5 kw 1.5 kw
Max Particle Size 50 mm 50 mm
Wearing plates (sides) (HARDOX) 12 mm 12 mm
Wearing plates (motor sides) (HARDOX) 10 mm 10 mm


planet tipi mikser planet 01 mikser planet 02 Planet mikser 1m3
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